Burano, Italy.

Burano is a tiny island, about 45-ish minutes away by boat from the central part of Venice. Much faster if you have a speedboat filled with booze and bikini clad women like the ones we saw whizzing past us I’m sure, but alas we did not. When we first heard about the surrounding islands, it […]

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Venice, Italy

The final leg of our Italy honeymoon adventure took us to Venice. As it turned out, the ancient floating city was to become our favourite place on the whole trip. For some other black and white film pictures, check out this earlier post. Fun fact that I didn’t know before visiting: Venice is shaped like […]

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The Italian Mountains

After the trip to the Cinque Terre, we headed East – up into the Italian mountains. Our friend Fiona stays here, in a wee town called Valdagno. It’s definitely off the beaten track, or to put it in Fiona’s words: “Definitely no selfie-stick wielding tourists here!”. Thank goodness for that. I had high hopes for […]

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Retro Game Night

There are a few things that have become something of a ritual for me and a few pals: white russians, and ‘retro games’. These are symbolically important for various reasons. The white russians I’m not so sure of the origin, but the games are easy. When we were in a band a long time ago, […]

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Porto Venere

Without realising just how close things were together, we booked to stay in La Spezia for our last night on the Italian Riviera. In hindsight, we could easily have just stayed in Manarola, but in the end it worked out pretty well. We met up with our pal Fiona who was also staying nearby, and […]

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