Christmas 2015

It’s Christmas time, and we managed to get some cheap flights to head out to Amsterdam and visit my mum and dad. The custom made stockings were hanging up. Including one for the dog, named ‘Jappie’. (Blame the Dutch). He looks suspiciously like our old dog, but is more up for wearing things like bowties. […]

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York Christmas Night Out – 2015

This Thursday past, Grace and I headed down to York for the “Ministry of Automattic’s” Christmas Dinner. In other words, the UK employees of Automattic. Rachel kindly stepped up to organise everything. I really like York, so it was nice to head back there; and even better because it’s fairly central for our geographical spread […]

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South Shore, Iceland.

Before we went to Iceland, I really wanted to get to see the famous black sandy beaches that lie on the south of the island. It seemed like it was going to be impossible to do without hiring a car, until I stumbled upon this full day tour from Reykjavik Excursions. We booked up for […]

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