Gran’s 80th Birthday

Last week was my gran’s 80th birthday, and my mum flew over from Amsterdam as a surprise. We went round to my Auntie Kim’s to eat and drink a bunch of champagne. My granda was feeling the cold out the back, and so we gave him a coat… You may be able to tell from […]

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Berlin, April 2017

I happen to be a member of a certain British airline’s reward programme, which means that if I spend over a certain amount of money in a year, I get a buy-one-get-one free ticket to use within the next 12 months. Last year, I qualified for that deal, and knowing that I had to use […]

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Amsterdam and Keukenhof, 2017.

After spending the week in Brussels with work, I took the chance to head up north to Amsterdam to visit my parents. Despite travelling a fair amount, it still seems pretty crazy to be able to get on a 2 hour (comfortable) train journey, and be in a totally different European country. Incidentally, I always […]

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