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One thought on “e-mail me

  1. Hello Steve!
    Me and my friend Chris follow your blog religiously and enjoy your photographs and posts whenever we have a moment.

    I would like to ask for your advice, since you have this huge passion regarding photography :P.
    I am starting to get interested for all this world, and I would like to buy a camera, I even know the model I want, but as you might know, the investment can be a little high. Thus I have decided to buy second hand equipment, but I really don’t know where to take a look. I am not sure if the places that I eventually found on line are trustable.

    Do you happen to know a few web pages where I could take a look, and eventually buy my second hand equipment? Do you trust some of them in particular?
    I would truly appreciate your opinion on this.

    On another topic, my friend Chris found your blog when looking online for information about Jura and Islay. And at the end of May he went to Scotland, and to Islay for the Whisky Festival. While being in Glasgow he went to Brewdog.
    He keeps telling me that you were there with your friends and that he should have gone and say hi. He didn’t talk to you fearing that you might be a complete jerk 😛

    Many thanks in advance. Looking forward to reading you.

    Greetings from the South of France!

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