My name is Stephen McLeod [Blythe], also known as Clicky Steve. I’m a Glaswegian photographer with a love of old cameras, weird lenses, and exploring new places.

I have been taking pictures for a long time, and in a past life was published/featured by the likes of the BBC, Scottish Sun, NME, MixMag, Evening Times, Myspace… etc. Now, I dedicate my time solely to working on projects that I find interesting, and very occasionally take on commissions.

You can find my condensed folio site with examples of my commercial work at On this site you’ll find the world famous allmyfriendsarejpegs blog, where I share most of my pictures, talk about different bits of camera gear I find interesting, and occasionally muse about the endless, fruitless pursuit of photographic expression.

Oh, and if you use Tumblr I’m on there as well.

If you want to get in touch, you can get a hold of me on Twitter, or by slinging an e-mail to Don’t take a lack of reply personally. My spam filter is overly keen.

Please note that ‘allmyfriendsarejpegs’ is a registered trademark.

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