Palm Tattoos – Part 1

In June I went to see my pals at Timeless Tattoos to get my palms done. The talented Paul Clave (aka King of Bones) was going to scar me for life. These photos are not exaggerated. The pain was unlike anything I’ve ever felt before. It wasn’t really like a tattoo; more like torture. Apparently […]

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Kerry’s 30th Birthday

This weekend we headed out for my pal Kerry’s 30th birthday. The plan was simple: have something to eat, and then hit the ABC afterwards to get pished. I snuck in my wee Sony RX100 and grabbed some shots from the latter half – Vice stylee.

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WordCamp EU 2017, Paris.

Last weekend I headed to Paris to photograph WordCamp EU – the biggest WordPress conference in the world. The sun was blistering hot, the wine was cold, and there was over 100 of my friends and colleagues to spend time with. Here’s a bunch of images from my time there:

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Gran’s 80th Birthday

Last week was my gran’s 80th birthday, and my mum flew over from Amsterdam as a surprise. We went round to my Auntie Kim’s to eat and drink a bunch of champagne. My granda was feeling the cold out the back, and so we gave him a coat… You may be able to tell from […]

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