Seoul Street Photography – 2023

I’ve already shared a bunch of blogs with a ton of pictures from my recent trip to South Korea, and you may well be sick of hearing about it – but tough. It’s not every day you get to visit such an amazing place, and for the first time in ages I actually felt inclined to take my camera out of retirement.

The streets of Seoul feel very much alive, and despite feeling like I hadn’t really shot that much, I came away with more pictures than I’ve taken all year. Photography is increasingly such a dissatisfying pastime that I’m not sure why I still do it. It’s genuinely more of a compulsion at this point, an activity driven out of a feeling of necessity rather than any great love. Alas.

Below is a collection of scenes that I captured over the course of the couple of weeks I spent in the city – most of which haven’t already been shared in any of the other blogs. If you spot any doublers, then I’m impressed. You are far more observant than I.

It is possible that I may end up gathering together some of the pictures from this trip into a single photo book, similar to what I’ve done in the past with my Japanese and New York collections (there are still some of the NYC left that you can buy, over in my shop). If you’re interested, drop a comment below and it may encourage me to get the finger out. Until then…

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  1. do it. print a book. i will buy.

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