New York Photo Zine

After spending a couple of weeks in NYC this summer, and covering a lot of miles wandering around the city with my cameras (Ricoh GR III and Nikon S2), I came away with a big pile of pictures. It was something of a surprise, given how few pictures I’ve taken over the past few years.

I’ve gathered up a collection of the best shots and brought them together in this full colour, A5 photo zine. It is ‘perfect bound’ rather than stapled, and at 72 pages feels more like a book than a zine – but since I’m just a lowly DIY chump I’ll go with the latter.

Only 40 of these were made, and only about 30 of them will be up for sale. You can pick up a copy for £10 (excluding postage) over on my online shop. I ship wherever the Royal Mail does, so pretty much anywhere. There’s something nice about having something tangible, as opposed to just seeing photos on screen, so hopefully you’ll like. Thanks in advance if you do get one. I appreciate the support for my otherwise thankless creative endeavours.

Buy a copy of the zine from my shop here.

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