America Update – Walmart.

Today we were heading up to the mountains to confront the bears and mountain lions. Here’s our faces of preparation:

Denver is nice and warm, despite it being ‘cold’. Think about 26 degrees Celcius. In Scotland that’s a heat-wave. This is Natalie’s house, where we’re staying:

‘Medicinal Marijuana’ is legal in the State of Colorado, so there are shops like this all over the place.

We went to Walmart, despite Natalie’s protestations. As far as I was concerned it was a cultural must-see. This is me in front of a shelf full of ‘jello’ (that’s jelly to you and I).

The thing about Walmart is that where we may have one or two kinds of each product, they stock every kind imaginable… in varying sizes.

Just look at this selection of Heinz tomato sauce:

I always wondered where the other 57 varieties were… and now it’s obvious. They’re all in Walmart.

As well as variety, there was also some incredible quantities of single items. These tubs of ice-cream were ‘family sized’.

You can’t really see from the picture, but they were huge; more like buckets than tubs. If it was my family, they’d probably have lasted for years… if they would even fit in the freezer.

Oh, and I just had to take a picture of this juice.

So childish.

The highlight so far has been the hilarious signs dotted around the place. I’m sure there will be more to come, but on today’s jaunt the winner was:

“Correctional Facility Ahead – Do not pick up hitch-hikers.”


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