American Update #7 – the Great Sand Dunes

I can’t find my maroon coloured hoody. I bet Caroline stole it so she could smell it and remember me. Psht. If only she’d asked!

We got up horribly early and waved goodbye to Mark before heading down into Los Alamos, which is a bit of a strange place. They still do a lot of research into things relating to national security, so there were weird security checkpoints on the entrance from the park into the town itself. Bizarre.

I find it even stranger that they would place such sensitive buildings in a place that is so prone to fires. Surely that has to be one of the first things you’d think about…

We had a breakfast burrito on the recommendation of one of Natalie’s pals who used to stay in the town, and I even braved the egg/hash brown/sausage/chili combination, despite never usually eating egg.

When in Rome…

Sign of the Day: Not sure how well the picture has come out, as it was snapped whilst we were whizzing along this ridiculously long and straight road in the beating sun, surrounded by sunflowers, but apparently Snowplowing isn’t allowed between the hours of 7pm and 5am. I’m not entirely sure why. If anybody has any suggestions, feel free to let me know.

We briefly headed back into Santa Fe since it was busier and things were actually open. There was a whole Fiesta festival going on, and we purchased a few things. Natalie is like a magpie – seeking out bits of jewelry everywhere. We got some Mexican Jumping Beans which seemed funny at the time, but even funnier when they jumped about in the plastic case the whole way home. Ahem.

Look how sunny it was… and people round here complain of it being cold! Oh, and that’s the moon, not the sun.

Back in Colorado.

Water towers have always interested me. They’re such strange structures to see when you’re not used to them. I mean, who fills them up? How do they work?

I love the next few photos.

We stopped off at the Great Sand Dunes National Park. Out in the middle of nowhere, between the mountains and lots of green was this massive section of… sand. It was pretty mind-blowing. I’ve never seen anything like it, and it looked so surreal even in person; as if they’d been painted on rather than actually existing.

I can’t quite describe the sheer size of these things. They were huge… like mountains. Had we had more time and water we might have made it further up than we did, but just being on them at any height was pretty incredible. Just take a look at them…

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