Charlotte and and Paul – Wedding Photos, Part Two


Playing the role of wedding photographer means you end up in a strange, rather privileged position: seeing the whole day from behind the beginning, behind the scenes instead of just the polished, finished product when everybody is ready and well presented.

This is pretty weird whether you know the couple well or not. You can sometimes feel a bit like you’re closer to the action than you would normally be; a bit like an ‘intruder’ maybe. I thought it might be especially true with Charlotte and Paul because I only ever see them about once a year, but everyone was so nice and welcoming that it felt totally natural.

The bucks fizz at 10am helped too I’m sure 😉

After you get over the initial stress of weddings, they’re actually pretty good fun to do. (albeit totally exhausting) You get rare access to a whole side of things that would never be open to you before, and not only are you allowed, but people fully expect and want you to document what they’re up to.

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