CPL PR Staff Night Out

This is going to be a big ‘un. If you’re still stuck on a 56k modem this may not be the post for you.

I’ve been with the Cathouse for about four years. In that time, there have been many staff nights out. Because they work in separate realms, there’s a bit of a dividing line between the PR team and the actual in-house, club staff, resulting in separate nights out for each.

Since I’m in a bit of a strange, nomad-like position, I’ve tended to get involved more with the main staff nights out than those that the PRs have ended up on. Even though I probably fit more descriptively into the latter, I tend not to venture along unless I’m explicity asked; PR folk can be a closely knit, hornet’s nest of tangled dynamics and relations, so it’s better to look before you jump right in.

Anyway, the promise of free booze, food, and an alternative of studying for the night meant that I popped out for a couple of drinks.

This particular night out had staff from the other clubs that come under the CPL banner out as well, and so after meeting a whole pile of new faces, as well as seeing some that I haven’t seen since myself and the Garage parted company, the inebriation had begun to soften up my judgement, and so a few more drinks were had.

The faux-Jagerbombs that the Cathouse staff had as a pit-stop in Nik’s flat en route to the Garage was a bit of a reminder of what a stupid amount of alcohol you actually consume when you work in the nightclub industry.

Aw, isn’t it all nice and communal?

I ended up taking pictures when we were actually in the Garage (no mean feat on a fixed aperture f0.95 lens, I can tell you), and somebody remarked that I had ended up working again.

Thing is, it wasn’t work; taking photos is simply an automatic reflex for when I’m out and with other people. It’s precisely from doing stuff like this that I ended up doing it as a job; it’s an extension and permanent addition to my normal life – a perpetual documentation.

This is Johnny’s take on me.

Cheers Johnny.

Kath even got up to do karaoke. I can’t remember what song she sang, but I’m pretty sure we all drowned her out with our tuneful accompaniment.

Getting up for work the next day at 7am was interesting.

Here’s to you, colleagues.

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