Fife Maze

Apparently the whole feeling drained thing was partly due to the onset of some pishy cold thing that has been going around, so I’m now donning a hat, jumper and scarf whenever I venture outside. It’s as if a switch somewhere has been flipped and the temperature has gone into winter mode all of a sudden. Even when it’s sunny it’s freezing outside.

Natalie helpfully told me that in Denver it was still fairly warm.


After driving through Fife in March or something like that, we passed a sign for a maze at a fruit farm, and decided we’d have to go at some point.

October probably wasn’t the best month to go, but we still made it.

I’ve always wanted to find a big corn field that towered above your head, so I’ll definitely need to mark this down on the list of places to return when the weather improves slightly.

The one disappointment was that the maze didn’t have fences in the middle so that when you were stuck you were really stuck…. wandering for days trying to find the exit.

You had to find certain stamps along the way and try and get a certain number. We gave up about halfway through. The group of wee kids running past shouting with jubilation at getting the last one was a pretty shameful defeat, it has to be said.

All shot on a Leica iiia – 50mm Jupiter 3 f1.5.

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