Shoes and Socks Off

What a long day.

After work, I got to hang out with my good pal Toby Hayes, aka Shoes and Socks Off, who was in Glasgow for the end of a tour with Sam Duckworth, aka Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.

We had a jolly time sneaking into Hip Hop gigs at King Tut’s (Ugly Duckling) and dancing the night away afterwards at Sleazy’s. I met the very friendly David Flood on the bar as well, who informed me that he followed me on here… so, hello!

Some bastard nicked my leather coat though. Who does that, really? I never find coats that fit me. Gonnae be a nightmare to get a replacement.

I do hope I’m wrong and when I call in tomorrow it’s just been moved somewhere by accident.

We shall see.

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