This is Gordon, aka Gorbot.

He is a rather wonderful photographer who slinks about pubs and sunny places with his nice cameras and shifty eyes taking pictures in black and white.

Somehow myself, him and Al have developed some sort of unlikely comraderie after an initial forced meetup, and I see them two more than I see most other folks.

Gordon’s all grown up now though, and is moving to Sicily this week to have a child.

Goodbye Gorbot! Do us proud. Oh, and I won’t forgive you for packing up your M6 and Hasselblads into boxes.

2 thoughts on “Gorbot

  1. Hi.

    I’d like to getvin touch with Gorbot. Could you provide me with his email?


    1. Stephen McLeod March 7, 2013 — 14:15

      drop me an email to smb@stephenmcleod.co.uk with details and I can forward them on. Wouldn’t want to give them out over here.

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