Cathouse 26-11-11

I woke up battered and bruised with bite marks on my neck. I wasn’t even that intoxicated when this all happened; slipping down the fire escape was impressive. Luckily I don’t think it was caught on camera, and I even managed to keep most of my Jack Daniel’s in the glass. That is a skill that takes years to master my friends. Years.

As for the biting – I’m really not into all that freaky, sado-masochist pish. It’s really not my thing at all. If I want pain I’ll get into a fight. As it so happens, it is just another occupational hazard of the nightclub photographer.

Make of this what you will!

This is Gemma. She’s cool. She also has Tumblr. Click on her to find/follow/stalk.

This is Ricky. He is also cool and also has a Tumblr. Click on him to find it.

This is Donna. Surprise surprise… she has a Tumblr. Click on her face to be directed accordingly.

Swapping hats is all the rage.

Not sure a beret is Muppet’s finest look.

I look much better in a cap when I have no hair.

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