Latvian Couchsurfers

These are my two Latvian girls that I had come stay for just a night the other week, saving them from kipping in Prestwick Airport. Not that that would have been particularly dangerous or anything… Just deathly boring.

They were hitch-hiking to St. Andrews, which I thought was a bit crazy. Attitudes towards this stuff are pretty different out-with the city… and especially Glasgow, which is fair enough, but a return to Fife only costs a tenner, and lasts all month!

Crazy foreigners 😉

I’ve been annoyed a few times at the way Tumblr deals with uploaded photos – resizing them to 500px no matter what you do if you use text rather than photo posts. I think I’ve found a way to host them myself so that when you click through you should get a larger size…. I used to do this a while back, but it took forever compared to the regular method, but things should be different now.

Have a look and let me know what you think – and whether or not having the bigger size is something I should keep doing!

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