Cathouse 10-03-12

Catty Cat Cat Cat Cathouse.

It was pretty mobbed last night as there was a couple of gigs on in town, which is always good fun. It’s much better to be in a busy club than a quiet one.

This is one of the bands who were playing at the Arches. I’ve no idea what they were called, but they were from Sweden, and had a hot blonde singer with blue lipstick.

There was some other lot in as well that weren’t quite as pleasant. In true wideo style, one of the members kept being deliberately confrontational, and asking “who are you?” over and over. He didn’t seem to like when I told him it didn’t matter, since I didn’t have a clue who him or his pish band were either.

It amazes me why some people who travel around touring feel the need to be so rude and condescending to those they meet in different parts of the country. If you can’t be friendly, then you shouldn’t have the privilege of getting to indulge in such a lifestyle.

It’s always fun meeting folk and realising you have some sort of unexpected connection.

The girl on the left was teeny, and really really beautiful. When she said she was from some wee town called Kirkintilloch I had to laugh, since that’s where I (mostly) grew up. Sadly, she went to the rival high school to mine… but ah well, you cannae win them all.

I have no idea where this hat came from, or where it went.

I never did suit baseball caps very well.

One of the best bits of a night used to be coming out of the club at 3am and seeing the chaos that would spill out onto the streets whilst you waited for a taxi. After chatting to Robyn, a fellow photo-taker about it the other night, I decided to relive my youth and take some drunken pictures. There was a big fight between some guys who had run round the corner, whilst all the Cathouse punters looked on and cheered. Sadly, I never got evidence of that little adventure.

This is Kerstin. She’s lovely.

A novel game that DJ Billy and co came up with to pass time in the booth is to stack the Catty wristbands up and see how many you can manage before it falls over. I managed about five (probably partly due to my intoxication), and rather annoyingly, Kaylie smashed the record by arranging a structure about 25 tall.

It’s harder than it looks.

Til next week..

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