Marc Johns – Sandpiper on a Skateboard

I always heard that if you wanted a tattoo design, you should put it off for six months, and if you still wanted it after that time, then it was right for you to get it.

My own experience is somewhat different. I’ve found that I’ve hummed and hawwed about what to get for ages, and then out of the blue something has come up and I’ve known immediately that I was going to get that done.

…and so was the case today. I went in to get this fine drawing on my arm, just above my elbow.

Yes, it’s a bird on a skateboard… drawn by the wonderful Marc Johns, and tattooed by my lovely friend Laura Kennedy at Timeless Tattoo in Glasgow. I like how she even made the wheels pink, and gave the beast a bit of an underbite for extra attitude.

Looking through his pictures, I thought this would make for an awesome, but totally inappropriate tattoo. The more I considered it, the more I realised that the fact it was such a ridiculous thing to get meant that I definitely should get it.

Don’t take life too seriously.

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