Birthdays are good, but they also come with a whole lot of pressure to do something worthy of such a momentous occasion as marking another year on this mortal coil.

The traditional method of celebration in the West of Scotland is to go out with a bunch of friends and consume ridiculous amounts of alcohol. Since I do this for a job, it doesn’t have quite the same significance as it may do for others.

Luckily my old friends Hannah, Charlotte and Paul were long overdue a visit to the homeland, and they offered to come up for the weekend of my birthday. Nothing much better than seeing people you rarely see on an important date.

Along with Keith, we headed up to Crail to drink on the beach. It was ridiculously sunny, and the BBQ got whipped out. It was the battle of the sausages… there were Scottish Aberdeen Angus ones, and ‘British’ pork and apple. I’m afraid to report back that the sausages from the south of the border won the taste test. Blast.

Paul sat on the rolls, so we ended up having burgers in some sort of pitta bread type thing. Hannah also managed to saw through her hand.

If you’re ever in St. Andrews you should make a trip to Bibi’s Bakery. They make some awesome cupcakes. I went for the gluten free option, but next time I think I’d suffer the pain and have one of the banoffee ones. Mmmmmm

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