Still here.

The cool thing about having a place like this is that I can put up pictures that don’t really do too much on their own, but that let me ramble around about them.

I’m in this weird nether space of transition between different stages in life, and I wish it would hurry up and switch over rather than drag the whole process out quite so much. There’s a whole theory about identity that says you form who you are through a two-way interaction between you and the world. If that’s true, it explains why it’s so easy to lose a bit of a handle on your own sense of self in times of change. As much as routine can seem dreary, it helps position your compass and work out where to go next.

My flatmate Alex is back in the country after a month abroad, so the flat is already full of this sort of flighty atmosphere from our combined situations. It’s exciting, but also pretty disconcerting. It’s incredible how both so much and so little can change in the space of a few weeks.

Whatever happens, I had this vivid realisation the other day that irrespective of what changes around about, as long as you’re still here, then you’ll still be here. That might not make much sense, but to put it another way: Whatever happens, the music is still going to sound the same.

There’s something in that I think.

Glasgow, March 2011
BeLomo Vilia – some pure expired crappy Konica ISO 200 film. 

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