Cathouse 18-08-12

Ooooooh yeah.

My last night in the Catty for a month… where everyone knows your name.

I used to think that was a down-side: sign that you should probably get out and go different places more often. To some extent that probably still stands, but at the end of the day, I want to go somewhere I can feel comfortable. The idea of queueing to feel ridiculously out of place in some other trendy establishment at my ripe old age fills me with a certain horror.

As one member of staff who’s been there a similar length as me put it recently to a new start: “You’ll find it hard to leave this place.”

True words.

This girl made an interesting face.

I think she’s wearing velour though, which is a definite winner.

I think this girl showed me her Nikon tattoo purely to antagonise me.

You can with Canon.

No Cathouse for 4 weeks. Weird. I’ve grown fond of the place lately.

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