Chicago – Continued

Cow Tongue Tacos. Chinatown. Mango and kiwi smoothies. Pokemon figures. Chicken and bitter melon. Martinis. Al Capone. The Green Mill. 50s jukebox music. Little black dresses. $2 beers. Little Sumthin Sumthin. Tipless waitresses. English folk. Field Museum. Taxidermy. Cup Fungus. Least Weasel. Taco Bell. Rows of booze. 62.5% moonshine. Smashing Pumpkins. Swallaes. Wee men. Hugs. Heartbreak. Double decker train journeys. Bonnie and Clyde. Band names. Fast food. Abandoned houses. Cheese curds. Mosquito bites. Photographs. Tripods. Movie sets. Milkless White Russians. Proclaimers. Hula Hooping Bar Staff. Accent mimicry. Dirty clothes. Salsa. Viagra adverts. Crazy parrots. I don’t wanna leave.

We didn’t dress the same on purpose, honest.

We had Martinis in one of Al Capone’s old bars. Cari likes this picture.

I prefer the smiley one.

Uhm, wut.

Travel the world and find Tennent’s Lager.

The best parts of a trip are always unexpected.

like hula hooping in tiny bars in tiny towns whilst waiting for trains.

Not sure I did it with the same class as Cari mind you.

mm, yeah.

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