Chicago – Misc.

I still have piles and piles of pictures from this trip that haven’t seen the light of day yet.

Here are some stragglers.

I love the name of this sign at Chicago Midway Airport. Apparently the “Kiss ‘n’ Ride” is like a passenger drop-off point, where you kiss goodbye and get on the train or whatever.

Can’t help but think it might have a different meaning in Glasgow mind you.

Sunglasses at night are acceptable sometimes.

Field Museum

Chinatown has the best fruit smoothies ever.

After wandering around for hours on a public holiday and finding that every restaurant in the city was closed (or so it seemed), we opted for Korean. I won’t even attempt to describe what unthinkable obscenities they were playing on the TV near us, but it involved children drinking blood.

Sitt’s comment: “Look at my chop-stick technique. I’m a terrible Asian.”


We had chicken with bitter melon in Chinatown. There were fish in tanks and nice lights.

The woman asked us if we were sure we wanted bitter melon. We said yes. I liked it. Cari did not.

This is another Carrie, except she spells her name differently. Carrie is really Carrie Anne Rose, and comes from New Orleans in Louisiana. New Orleans is a wonderful place.

Vending machine lunches. They don’t do well for the gluten intolerant.

Kicking around on high-level train stations in the heat at night.

Here Cari is in one of Al Capone’s old speakeasy bars. She is making a hamster face. An old man wearing a hat put on old music on the jukebox and we had martinis. Wet, with a twist.

Maybe Cari was born in the wrong era.

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