Cathouse Christmas Eve – 2012

Cathouse - Christmas Eve 2012Ahhh Christmas Eve. A time for family, festivities, and eh… bad Santa.

Cathouse - Christmas Eve 2012What more could you ask for than a Buckfast drinking Saint Nich. throwing selection boxes at people’s heads?

Cathouse - Christmas Eve 2012

Cathouse - Christmas Eve 2012Christmas Eve is always a relatively quiet affair… especially since Scotrail have been gradually cancelling all of the train services after 8pm into town over the past few years. (Cheers guys), but it always has a nice atmosphere. Must be all the Christmas eh, spirit. (no pun intended)

Cathouse - Christmas Eve 2012

Cathouse - Christmas Eve 2012

Cathouse - Christmas Eve 2012Karis flashing her Christmas pants.

She foolishly thought I wouldn’t be fast enough to catch this. Haw haw haw.

Cathouse - Christmas Eve 2012I can’t be too mean though. Tradition dictates that I always have some sort of festive hat for the occasion… but this year there were no spare seasonal hats to be seen. Christmas was ruined, until Karis let me use (and lose) hers. Order was restored!

Cathouse - Christmas Eve 2012Who knew Santa could breakdance by the way?

Cathouse - Christmas Eve 2012I always get a bit fed up of having to drag myself out on Christmas Eve, and miss out on doing other things to go into work – but – it always seems to end up being worth it.

Merry Christmas you lot.

Cathouse - Christmas Eve 2012



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