Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Paris.

So Grace is away back to Colorado. Here’s some of the past 3 weeks in pictures.

HogmanayOn the second level of the Eiffel Tower.

Grace - Paris

Eiffel Tower - Paris, France When in Paris…

Champagne - FranceNoir.

Arc de Triomphe - ParisArc de Triomphe

Grace - Arc de Triomphein London, swing-dancing and toasting German birthdays.

Birthday - LondonSwinging in London (no pun intended)

Grace and Stephen - LondonEverybody loves m&m world.

Grace and Stephen - LondonChinatown, London.

Chinatown, LondonStupidly decadent and expensive drinks in Opium, Chinatown, London. Served ‘bubbling’.

Chinatown, LondonGrace loved this dog in a bar.

Dog in PubThe mental Mhairi.

LondonThis lot kept us in copious amounts of wine and food for days.


Liz, LondonMy aunt and her friend.

Alison - LondonWestminster.

Grace - Westminster UndergroundI have a weird affection for Big Ben.

London - River Thames - Big BenA really useful umbrella in Glencoe.


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