When Grace Came to Scotland

Grace - Paris, January 2013Vegetarian haggis, hedgehog gloves, champagne, kilts, public displays of affection, french bulldogs, macarons, two hour walks, funny accents, chasing taxis, Rumpleminze, skull rings, rats, curry, endless staircases, bubbling cocktails, fish suppers, white russians, hidden restaurants, cliches, window-ledge refrigerators, boat rides, blonde hairs, comedy injuries, snowstorms, hip flasks, toilet queues, jet lag, border controls, planes trains and automobiles, Jimmy Savile’s house, chocolate fondue, jagerbombs, whisky tastings, tears, dogs in bars, swing dancing, munchy boxes, snoods, smiles, and goodbyes.

Paris, France
January 2013
Leica iiia
Fuji Pro 800Z

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