Denver – May 2013

So far on this trip, we’ve spent time catching up with old friends.

Denver 2013
It was Natalie’s birthday, and so Kodi and Kevin came up from New Mexico for the weekend.

…and Natalie’s genuine cowboy cousin, Cameron.

Kodi and Kevin just recently got engaged as well, so it was pretty cool to be able to all meet up again. There’s an interesting juxtaposition between being so far apart from people, with such limited contact, yet to have your lives develop and align in some sort of way. I’m not sure I can properly describe it, but every so often I’m succinctly aware that we’ve each carved out our own lives and are, in lots of ways, just in the early stages of all of that – a transitional period.

How long are we still young?

Those couples that drink together, stay together.

Caroline even made it all the way down from New York…. again. Despite her protestations that the last time would be the last (and the time before that).

It seems like we all keep getting drawn back to this place in one way or another.

I’ve managed to scratch the lenses on my white glasses pretty impressively, and lose my old USA Wayfarer sunglasses. It doesn’t help that the humidity here is so low that I can’t get contacts into my eyes. It’s not been a good trip for my optical well-being.

Maybe I should get a monocle.

Drinking games with strawberry moonshine inevitably lead to someone having to eat the fruit.

Kodi was unimpressed with the marinated strawberry.

In Scotland, pitchers are for individuals. I showed them how it was done.

I ended up doing Proclaimers for karaoke again. It’s a must for the traveling Scotsman. Some time you need to ham up the stereotypes.

I’m a good listener.

Next week we’re heading off on a road-trip through Kansas and other various places: Bonnie and Clyde style. Hopefully there’ll be lots of filmy Americana roadside type pictures to develop when I come back.

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