Chinatown – Chicago

Chicago Chinatown - Cari Ann Wayman

‘Stupid risks make life worth living’

It might may well be something uttered by Homer Simpson, but it’s completely true. Were it not for stupid risks, I wouldn’t ever have gone to America, or got shot in Alabama, or ended up in Chicago’s Chinatown taking pictures of a girl I’d met on Flickr. If you don’t do things that terrify you, you’ll never end up anywhere interesting.

I’m pretty good at taking stupid risks, but lately I’m not so good at getting over the fear of being ‘that annoying photographer guy’ to take pictures. It’s not just the big things that we need to work on, because sometimes the smaller, more sustained actions are the ones that are the most difficult.

Chinatown – Chicago, Illnois
September 2012
Hasselblad 500CM
Kodak Portra 400VC (expired 2007)

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