Streets of Athens

Next to Glasgow, Athens is my favourite city in the world. There’s so much going on all the time, and always something different to see. We’ve been here for almost three months, and a few weeks ago I got annoyed at myself that I wasn’t really getting pictures that captured that.

I’ve never been a great street photographer – mostly because I’m always feart of getting caught – but also from not wanting to be intrusive. Working in nightclubs for years has coloured the way I feel about taking photos of people, and I’m kind of tired of being in people’s faces all of the time. The few times I’ve tried to get anything good surreptitiously I’ve been far too self aware.

However, I knew I would regret leaving without making some sort of effort. I looked online for inspiration, and one day things seemed to just fall into place. Rather than being nervous or trying to hide, I’ve found it’s easier to do the complete opposite: Stand out. Beforehand, I was so concerned with blending in to where we were that it made me incredibly uncomfortable to look like a tourist, but that’s exactly what you need to embrace.

If you feel like you’re doing something sneaky, people will pick up on that and it will inevitably lead to conflict. Instead, slowly and deliberately raising the camera to your eyes, getting the picture, then calmly putting it back down means you almost become invisible. Don’t make eye contact. People generally don’t care what you’re taking a picture of, especially if it appears like you are more interested in something behind them. On the rare occasions anybody does give a quizzical look, a friendly smile back diffuses any tension.

We’ll see if I can pull off the same kind of thing in Glasgow, but for now, here is a glimpse into what the streets of Athens are like. All pictures shot on a Leica M8 with a 35mm Jupiter 12 lens.

L1007247 L1007243 L1007064 L1007073 L1007070 Athens Greece Street Photography L1007067 L1007244 Athens Greece Street Photography Athens Greece Street Photography L1007065 L1007038 L1005436 L1007072 L1007099 L1007095 L1007071 Athens Greece Street Photography L1007076 Athens Greece Street Photography L1007018 L1007241 L1007106 L1007087 L1007242 L1007240 Athens Greece Street Photography L1007077 L1007049 L1007040 L1007044 L1007074 L1007066 L1007102 L1007144 L1007063 L1007062 L1007061 L1007059 L1007112 L1007058 L1007057 L1007056 L1007055 L1007036 L1007054 L1007053 L1007029 L1007033-2 L1007245 L1007111 Athens Greece Street Photography Athens Greece Street Photography Athens Greece Street Photography Athens Greece Street Photography Athens Greece Street Photography Athens Greece Street Photography L1007032 Athens Greece Street Photography Athens Greece Street Photography Athens Greece Street Photography Athens Greece Street Photography L1007255 Athens Greece Street Photography L1007035 L1006613

See ya later Athens.

5 thoughts on “Streets of Athens

  1. amazing photos, they capture the atmosphere brilliantly

  2. Very nice photos. Is it OK to ask a question – I have seen some warnings about using a Jupiter 12 on an m8 because of the extending back element. Did you have any problems? And what adaptor do you use? Thanks!

    1. Stephen McLeod May 29, 2015 — 11:45

      Thank you!

      I just used a cheap adaptor from eBay… and I’ve had no issues at all with the Jupiter 12 on either my M8, or my M9. It does extend farrr into the body, but doesn’t hit the sensor.

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