Abandon Ship Apparel 4th Birthday

The weekend gone past marked the 4th birthday of Abandon Ship Apparel – a Glasgow clothing company that has established a bit of a cult-like following in the time that it’s been around.

I’ve known the ASA folks for a long time, and one of them even gave me the job as Cathouse photographer many moons ago – so it’s been great to see them doing so well, and to be there for their drunken celebrations.

There was free beer, tea tasting, a photo booth, pinball machines… and a host of inflatable flamingos. My head hurt a bit the next day.

IMG_1563 IMG_1353 IMG_1364 IMG_1366 IMG_1373 IMG_1377 IMG_1386 IMG_1402 IMG_1474 IMG_1497 IMG_1501 IMG_1508 IMG_1512 IMG_1516 IMG_1539 IMG_1549 IMG_1551 IMG_1576 IMG_1598 IMG_1616 IMG_1625 IMG_1657 IMG_1664 Abandon Ship Apparel Party Abandon Ship Apparel 4th Birthday

Oh, they have a sale on just now too:


5 thoughts on “Abandon Ship Apparel 4th Birthday

  1. I’ve missed seeing some of yer party stuff!

    1. Stephen McLeod March 17, 2015 — 16:31


  2. Looks like a fun party!

  3. Which flash technique do you use? Do you use a soft box? A reflector? Do you bounce it off the wall/ceiling?

    1. Never mind answering that. I found the answer myself in your article http://allmyfriendsarejpegs.com/highlights/nightclub-photography-guide/

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