Queen’s Park on Polaroid 669

After a relatively mild winter, it feels like it has taken ages for the sunnier days to start to appear in Glasgow. Grace and I grabbed a coffee and took a stroll through Queen’s Park at lunch yesterday to try and absorb some Vitamin D, and take a look at the surprising pink of what I presume are cherry blossom trees.

I still have a fairly big stash of classic Polaroid 669 peel-apart film sitting in our fridge… the kind that hasn’t been made in about 10 years. It is so expired that the results are pretty unpredictable, and it needs really sunny days even just to have any sort of exposure at all, so I cracked out a couple of the precious packs to shoot on the Landcam 350 – which is a chunky beast with bellows, and always reminds me of movies from the 50s.

The results can be pretty wonderful.








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