Subcrawl: Feb 2018

Yesterday we hit the Glasgow subway for a day of drinking for my pal Pazy’s stag. Known as the ‘Subcrawl’, the premise is pretty simple. You buy an all day ticket, get off at every stop, and have a drink at the nearest pub. I thought there were ten stops, but as it turns out, there’s actually fifteen, so that was an interesting surprise.

Despite the Subcrawl being a Glasgow tradition, I’d never actually been on a full one before. Part of what makes things interesting is that a good number of the stops take you to pubs that you would never usually step foot in. There were more than a few places along the route that were plastered with Union flags and some other err… ‘colourful’ memorabilia. That said, we had no hassle at all, and it turned out to be the dodgier establishments where the atmosphere was the best. When we reached the more trendy West End, there was a palpable difference in how pleasant the staff and other patrons were to us… and it wasn’t an improvement. We crossed paths with a few other groups doing their own crawl that had opted to skip some of the areas with a worse reputation, and to be honest, I think they missed out. It can be too easy to only see parts of Glasgow that you want to see, and after a while, forget that the rest exists.

Glasgow Sub Crawl

Stanley Bar Glasgow

5 thoughts on “Subcrawl: Feb 2018

  1. I love seeing all these pictures and i like your friends. makes me feel nostalgic and a wee bit homesick.

  2. Wow, sounds like a blast, I wish I coulda joined you! Don’t attempt this in Montreal though. 68 stations, eep!

    1. I am up for the challenge!

  3. I remember those trains, is it called A Clockwork Orange?

    1. That’s the one!

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