The lost frames of 2020 (vol ii)

Many moons ago I used to shoot, develop, and scan a bunch of films all in one day. I was probably a terrible film photographer, as I shot the stuff like it was digital. I wasn’t really one for the whole notion of ‘delayed gratification’. I’m still not, to be honest, but nowadays it seems to take me a fair amount of time to get through the whole process. I’m currently making my way through a pile of rolls I’ve developed from last year but never scanned in… and never posted on the blog. Here is volume ii of the lost frames of 2020.

SPF Tak 35mm f2
Nikon S2
Glasgow street photography film
Self portrait Rolleiflex
Whippet wearing a cute jumper
Rolleiflex portra
Glasgow street portrait
Glasgow street photography
Glasgow street Photography

4 thoughts on “The lost frames of 2020 (vol ii)

  1. I used to shoot, develop & scan all in one day. Like these shots were from 4 rolls all shot and processed same day after a train ride back from Edinburgh. But over time the scanning got pushed back and back…. eventually I quit film. If I could only pay somebody to do all my scanning I may only shoot film. That would be too expensive though shooting several rolls every week.

    1. Hahaha what a great blog title.

      1. I try to keep them simple & honest

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