Cathouse 26-03-22

It is kind of ridiculous that the only time I ever take pictures any more is in the Cathouse? Why do I still do it after all these years? Who knows, but it would be a crime to deprive the world of my greatness. Plus, the big 1DS is fun to use.

1 thought on “Cathouse 26-03-22

  1. There is a great deal of reassurance settling into a comfort zone particularly in photography. Reading your early blog entries paved my way into using film and I gained a great deal of confidence embarking upon the unknown after seeing your early images. I now expose film largely in medium format and occasionally in 35mm. I feel strangely mortified and sad that most of the recent images have been confined to the cathouse. Having stayed in Glasgow for a time, there is much to document on images. I hope Stephen you experience a renaissance and embark upon a new photographic journey. Thank you for your gear reviews and sharing your film usage.

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