New York – Summer of 2022 (part iv)

Here is the final selection of photos from my summer fortnight in NYC. Whenever I take pictures I feel like I haven’t done enough, or that the ones I have got aren’t good enough, or… whatever. It’s generally a deeply unsatisfactory exercise; one where I am never happy. Looking back at the number of pictures that I got over a relatively short space of time, and the amount that I was happy enough to share, that is kind of ridiculous. The more you take pictures, the better and more comfortable you will get, and I am happier with many of these than I am with what I consider to be some of the best sets I’ve taken in the past – though to be fair – New York is particularly photogenic. I wish that wandering Glasgow for hours was as appealing.

In some ways, perhaps that insatiable nature of photography is what keeps it interesting. That is pretty bloody maddening though. I guess I will just need to travel some more.

4 thoughts on “New York – Summer of 2022 (part iv)

  1. Wonderful pictures.

  2. All great – the night time rain shots are amazing!

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