Last Few Months – October 2022

When I started drafting this post back in August, it seemed like life had surrendered to mundanity; a conveyor belt of weekly routine which would be impossible to change. For whatever reason, that has been a pressing concern of mine for some time – perhaps as the by-product of such a long time spent in lockdown; perhaps an uncertainty of where or what I want to be dedicating my time to. That might well be considered a mid-life crisis, if it wasn’t a feeling that I’ve experienced many times before. Itchy feet. A desire for new sensations. Fear of stagnation. Was there anything else to discover, or had I reached the limits of what would fascinate and inspire?

Almost as if in direct response to my challenge, the last few months have brought a gradual but marked shift; so subtle that I didn’t even notice it was taking place. New opportunities, interests, and connections splintered out of existing ones, while others came to a natural end. It’s always amazing how things can change so significantly in a short space of time – even more so when the changes seem intangible or unremarkable when considered on their own. I guess that perhaps sometimes you don’t realise that you are going through a period of transition until the process is well under-way.

This is part of the beauty of taking pictures – however occasional they might be. Looking back at snapshots taken over a particular period of time can give an insight that you might otherwise have missed without the visual reminder. Below are a collection of photos which reflect some of the past few months, though ironically much was also left undocumented. Parties, day trips, gigs, time spent with friends old and new. Sensations as fresh as I was longing for. I’m curious to see where the next few months leads.

Keith Grantham
Edinburgh arrest

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