Glitch Art (vol iii)

Something I’ve been experimenting a lot with over the past year or so is the creation of art using analogue video boxes. In particular, circuit-bent, modified video enhancer devices; some of which I’ve purchased, and some of which I’ve put together myself.

The colours and effects you can get from these ‘obsolete’ bits of technology with a bit of hackery are pretty amazing, and are equally as cool for producing stills as they are music videos.

Below is a selection of stills from my experiments over the past few months – all of which were shot using a combination of different video gear, displayed using various CRT televisions. You can find volumes one and two by clicking through on the numbers.

If you’re interested in this world, I occasionally sell some of the devices that I modify over on my shop. As I write this, there’s one particular video enhancer there up for grabs.

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