Last Few Months – July 2023

The last wee while has been busy, with trips to places like Costa Rica, and Athens, as well as good times spent with friends, and visits from family that live abroad. Gigs, BBQs, dinners, and more. It isn’t possible (or wise) to keep up this kind of pace indefinitely, but it also feels like a welcome and much needed change from the restraints of previous years.

I’ve been making more of a deliberate attempt to take pictures along the way – something that is admittedly made easier by the shifting environments, and the new Sony A7 IV that I bought – though I’ve also been making better use of the Leica M and Ricoh GR III.

Below is a selection of shots that I’ve taken over the past wee while. Most – if not all – of these – haven’t been shared in any other posts.

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  1. Great pictures.

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