Hogmanay 2016

I’m fond of telling people who aren’t familiar with Hogmanay about how it’s traditionally the biggest night of the year in Scotland. It’s the one time that you can drink in the street in Glasgow without fear of legal reprisal, and generally everybody is just out to have a good time. It feels like the […]

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Friends Weekend

This weekend turned out to be one filled with a variety of social engagements. Well, mostly just drinking. Lee ventured to the south side along with his old ‘flatmate’ AK, to meet up with a friend who was looking for a flat in the area. As it turned out, instead of going to the pub as […]

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Rachel + Hasselblad

It’s been a while since I’ve published anything on here, which is annoying. I’ve been busy making music and learning about electronics, which has sapped a lot of my time, but I’ve also got a bunch of film that I can’t bring myself to develop – and so I’ve come to a sort of standstill […]

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