2020 Faces (35mm – vol iii)

A collection of faces from the past wee while, shot on film.

Glasgow 35mm portrait

Nikon S2 portrait

Helios 44-2 35mm

Glasgow street portrait

Helios 44M-6

500T portrait

Canon 35mm f2

Takumar 35mm f2

Glasgow street 35mm

Glasgow street colour 35mm

Helios 44M portrait

35mm film portrait

Street portrait 35mm

Takumar 35mm f2

35mm portrait

Jupiter 8



4 thoughts on “2020 Faces (35mm – vol iii)

  1. What a lovely mix of candids and portraits. I’ve never been much of a street photographer myself, but seeing portraits like these always gets me thinking what if. Glad to have found your blog — Tobias.

    1. Thank you! You should give it a bash sometime. You never know…

  2. Beautiful street portraits!

    1. Thank you very much!

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