American Update #10

This is our recreation of the Chad Hogan party described by Kevin Bridges. Note Miah providing the musical accompaniment to my drinking beer from a red plastic cup.

They actually have these cups on a regular basis, which makes it even funnier.

I can’t be bothered flying back to London. I don’t really want to do a layover there, even though I know it’ll be good to see my aunt again… if only a direct flight to Glasgow didn’t cost £100000 more than via the UK capital. The whole process of traveling from the airport to the train station and then onward really stresses me out. Everyone’s so focussed and crazy and wrapped up in what they’re doing. I’m not a fan.

This is Natalie, as me. Maybe she can hold the fort upon my departure.

I’m gonnae miss these chaps.

I’ll dwell more on it after the fact, for tonight… we drink.

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