American Update #11 – the Finale

Last night in Colorado, and we headed out to the Irish themed bar that we had frequented a few evenings before. This was fine by me, as the light outside was rather nice. What a sad reason for liking a bar, eh?

A fair few folk turned out to bid me adieu, which was rather nice of them.

Just look at this loving smile that Grace gave me:


I’m back in Glasgow now. Getting across London was a million times easier than I had anticipated, as the airport is on the same underground line as my Aunt’s house. Victory! We went out for dinner and I dossed about most of the day, which was rather pleasant.

It might sound twisted, but nothing beats the feeling of coming back into Glasgow Central off of a train on a rainy Friday night: not only is town alive, it feels like home – the people, the weather… whether it’s familiarity or culture or whatever else, it’s always good to return to your own city, especially when you can breathe in the cool, oxygen-filled air… wayhey!

Saying that, America feels like a million miles away; as if it never even happened at all.

It really does seem like a totally different world rather than just somewhere I went to visit – as if you cross a parallel when you get on the plane. It’s all so surreal just now, and will take a while to sink in. One thing for sure is that I can’t leave it as long as I did to get away and do something different. I’ve got some plans already… so watch this space.

Fitting way to round off two weeks in the States: 500 Miles by the Proclaimers, obviously.

Just before we headed to the airport, Chris, Natalie and I headed along to the Denver Art Museum, which had all sorts of weird and wonderful things. Your guess is as good as mine as to what this exhibit was all about mind you.

This was the coolest part, in my opinion.

I’m a sucker for anything which can be used as a big backdrop, so I could have spent all day here. Remember the Wheatus album cover?

There was a space where you could stick up post-it notes of what the next exhibition should be.

I made my own input.

Natalie amended it.

This room was a photographer’s nightmare. Look at all that red!

and so onto the airport.

The woman at the check-in desk continued with the theme of arrogance from people in positions of so-called ‘authority’ and told me I needed a name-tag in a manner which implied I was thick, as well as other remarks about my baggage.

Of course! How silly of me. I forgot that I was meant to know all of these arbitrary rules that the airlines change at random and without notifying anybody anywhere… I do apologise.

Oh, apparently my pot relating to Wyoming was reblogged by a Wyoming blog… do you think they realised that I slagged it off so much?

Goodbye America.

… for now.

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