Colorado – Medium Format

There’s some people in life that you feel a kinship with, that emboss themselves onto your mental timeline forever… sometimes despite your best intentions.

It’s often proclaimed that the friends you make at University will be the best you’ll ever have.

That hasn’t been my experience at all, and infact Uni has been one of the more painful, anti-social experiences of my life, filled with the social posturing and ritual of closed up individuals rather than anything warm and welcoming.

Instead, those that have a real impact are those that come seemingly out of nowhere: those people that you bump into in the most unexpected of ways and places; those people that seem to grab and hold your awe, respect and attention instantaneously and not for any discernible or easily explainable reasons.

The big problem of such a situation, where you have a few people as milestones in a sea of acquaintences, is that walking the line between being friendly and being overbearing is a difficult one to negotiate, especially if you tend to harden yourself off to anybody but the select few.

What tangled webs we weave.


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