This is my super sexy pal Andrea.

Despite meeting literally hundreds of people a week as a photographer, the personal and work worlds don’t cross over as often as some may think. Because of that, it makes it all the nicer when you meet people who can crash through that boundary and get on with you really well outside the four walls of the clubs.

I’ve been bumping into Andrea for as long as I can remember; amazed at how she’s such a lovely person, as well as quite obviously being pretty gorgeous.

The other night we kicked about, drank far too much Jack Daniel’s and took lots of pictures before stumbling through the snowy streets of Glasgow since no taxis would venture out our way. The shots are strewn across a variety of cameras and different types of film, so they’ll slowly trickle on here in bits and pieces.

She said to me that from that night forward we had to be ‘proper pals’ and do it all over again. You better have meant that Andrea 😉

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