December is always a crazy month, and despite thinking that it might be a bit less so this year than in previous, the past week has gone and blown that out of the water.

The squeeze on time by the sheer volume of Uni work that demands attention during this period is further compounded by the extra nightclub jobs that come up. It’s a cruel irony that exactly at the same time you’re squeezed from one side, a demand is made from another.

I can’t help but recall the University lecturer who matter-of-factly told us before the exam period back in first year that “if you have a part-time job, now is the time to start cutting down your hours. Your education is more important.”

All very well and good when you are in a comfortable financial position, but I’m not sure how this can apply to those of us who practically work full-time in order to keep both our reputations and rent intact. Particularly at this point, every little bit of work that becomes available needs to be grabbed with vigour, if only to see you through the drought in this sort of party-industry that January brings.

Of course, time should always be made to catch up with distant friends, so it was nice to see Mojo Fury pass through Glasgow on their latest tour… this time playing in the Cathouse. It was a bit strange to see them on my ‘home turf’ it has to be said. Having things pushed into different contexts is always a good way to keep you on your toes though.

On that note, James (below) took the opportunity to tell me that I looked a lot ‘cleaner’ than I used to. I’m not really shocked, given that the bulk of the time we’ve spent together before was shuffling around in dirty tour vans and sleeping on pub floor, but apparently this wasn’t meant as a clean/dirty comparison, but more that I appeared as a ‘better version of myself’. Going by the photos in this post though, I’m not entirely sure what he’s on about!

Pictures here are also from the annual Nando’s christmas party, where staff from all across Scotland meet up in Glasgow for some drunken debauchery.

To my surprise, I recognised people from last year when I was working at the same event, and they recognised me as well… even with a change of glasses. Associations like this prove invaluable when there are free drink tokens on the go 😉

I’m dying to do some cool medium format portraits with daylight to break up all of this dark nightclub stuff. Hopefully opportunities will present themselves soon!

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