Vodka Watermelon

Ever since I went to some party in St. Andrews when I was about 18 and saw a vodka watermelon, i’ve wanted to try one out for myself.

They weren’t exactly the easiest things to get a hold of in Scotland, and only recently have they started appearing in supermarkets for a price that won’t require extending your overdraft. That, plus the fact that Kaylie acquired a Costco card not long ago (where watermelons are in cheap abundance all year round) meant that it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Given that I’ve never done this before, a number of different methods were deployed.

The first was to carefully make a cork sized hole in the melon.

This was meant to allow a funnel to be added into the watermelon and gradually add vodka over a few days to soak it all up nice and tidy-like.

Aside from having a bit of a task to find a funnel (where are you meant to buy one of those things anyway?), the bigger problem soon became clear: the watermelon didn’t take quite as much vodka in at once as expected.

As such, my clothes now smell of cheap vodka. Nothing too different from a night out in town I suppose, but it would have been nice for it to work the easy way.

So instead, I gave up and went for the brute force option:

Cut a big hole and whack the whole bottle upside down to let it soak for a few days.

Apparently 700ml of vodka may be too much to soak up, which will prove an interesting problem when we go to remove the bottle.

I’ll post back later with progress.

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