Cathouse 17-12-11 – Voodoo Christmas Party

Ho Ho Ho. It’s almost Christmas, and at this festive time of year, nothing quite beats the sight of Santa Claus shouting abuse at the Unders and handing out onions as presents to unsuspecting kiddywinkles:

What’s an even better present for those who move in the alternative world?

A Justin Beiber CD of course!

There were some proper things up for grabs though… as long as you were prepared to eat your body weight in mince pies and drink a pint or two of custard.

Don’t say we’re not nice.

and who doesn’t love a bit of Christmas karaoke?!

All I’ll say is: I’m glad I have my earplugs.

No, really. I do.

and whilst we’re here, have some photos from the Overs later on as well:

like my hat?

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