Jolly Rancher Vodka

The latest instalment of my vodka related posts concerns those wonderful sweets that you used to get in the UK until they realised just how bad they are for you: Jolly Ranchers.

I’ve had piles of these things kicking about for ages, and even I couldn’t make my way through the mountain-load. The solution? Turn them into vodka of course!

Unlike the ubiquitous Skittle Vodka that’s been doing the rounds for a while, there’s no need to skim off any hard candy bits during this process, which makes it oh-so-sweet.

How do you do it? Simple:

1. Get Jolly Ranchers
2. Add to Vodka.
3. Leave for a few days.
4. Done!

…and there we have it.

Watermelon and Cherry; Apple and Blueberry; Grape.

As for the tasting notes… well, we’ll be sampling them along with the Vodka in a day or two, so check back. I’m sure it’ll be wonderful… but it may need some sort of lemonade mixer.

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