Watermelon Party

Daz brandishing a shot of cherry brandy in a wine glass can mean only one thing: that we’re in the throes of advent… a time where all the normal social formalities seem to get that little bit looser than usual.

Ginger Steve has just moved in with Kaylie and Daz for a bit, and we combined the seasonal happenings with that to have a bit of a soirée with some different kinds of alcohol to what we’d usually consume.

The Jolly Rancher vodka that I’d posted about earlier on was dutifully consumed. I have to say… it wasn’t quite as good as I’d hoped. It wasn’t bad, but given the sheer amount of sugar that was dissolved in the bottles, I’d expected something a tad sweeter. Mixed with lemonade it was pretty tasty mind you, but it ended up being shotted rather than sipped.

The watermelon had sooked up about half a bottle of vodka, which was a nice surprise.

The alcohol distribution wasn’t exactly even throughout, and so the first few pieces were truly awful… like… really bad; a bit like drinking sour ethanol or something. Daz bit into one section and a whole shot’s worth of vodka spurted out.


We realised that all of us (with the sole exception of my sister) worked for the Cathouse, which probably seems really sad. To be honest though, I couldn’t help but reflect on the symbolism of it all. Whenever Daz or anybody else has been stuck for somewhere to live in the past, people in CPL have automatically and unquestioningly gone out their way to help… all disagreements and past dramas completely forgotten about. The camraderie between people that are fairly disparate and messed up and idiosyncratic is pretty amazing, and goes a lot deeper than some shallow existential thing based purely on situation. I think we need to get better at recognising stuff like that… people we appreciate, and cultivate that sense of community. I think more than a few of us were surprised at just how good it was to hang out all in the one place like that outside of work, where normally we’d rather slink off and do our own individualistic thing.

It’s a nice kind of surprise.

It’s been a bit of a strange and intense few days, where all thoughts of university and everything else have gone out the window.

Not every thought or emotion or circumstance is appropriate or even possible to come out on here, and that’s alright. The more truths you spill out, the more generic you become after all. Thing is though, they still lurk about and inform everything that you do, so where do you go to let them drain out from your head? Who knows.

I met an old friend the other day out of the blue who I hadn’t ever really properly gotten to know or spend any time with, which was nice… even if a bit strange. Sometimes things like that need to happen to get you to think or realise what you’ve actually been thinking for a while though.

I feel like I need some time to disappear off into my own head and let things settle in their rightful place and make a bit more sense… to realign my spirit and soul. Thing is, it’s the worst possible time of year for that to be the case. Christmas and New Year doesn’t exactly pertain to self reflection.

I’m off to Alabama really soon, and I’m not sure whether or not that’s going to help or hinder the whole thing. It can be difficult to find your spiritual centre when you’re halfway round the world. It might be exactly what I need though.

We never ruled out the possibility of ending up in the Cathouse. After years of drinking, we’ve learned that it’s best to leave the decision about whether or not to head out to the point where you shouldn’t really be making that decision at all. It’s bound to happen that way anyway, so why fight it?

It’s always fun to end up in the club you work when you’re with a big bunch of staff. This is especially true when you want served, or spill a drink, or when some idiot is looking for a fight. I never really like getting people chucked out, but when they wander about the dance floor being aggressive and making fake headbutting motions at people, it’s probably best that they leave, right?

Acht. We’ll se what 2012 brings.

Infact, I’d settle with getting through Christmas first.

Have a good one.

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